All’s Fair in Love and Seduction

Giveaway: OMG!!!

Giveaway: OMG!!! 82

~*~*~ For the last week I’ve been wondering out loud (and on Facebook) what is going on in the iBookstore when it comes to my novella, ALL’S FAIR IN LOVE & SEDUCTION. That’s because it’s had a really really big surge in terms of free downloads. But you know, I wasn’t going to look at […]

The Tale of Two Publishing Roads 78

by Beverley Kendall My road to self-publishing wasn’t intentional by any means. I desperately wanted to get another contract with a traditional publisher. Coming into my contract with Kensington, which was my first contract ever and happened with the first book I’d ever completed, I knew the odds were firmly stacked against me. I discovered […]

It’s time to win a Kindle Fire! 135

Last year, I said I would give away a Kindle Fire when I reached the free download goal of 250,000 for my novella, ALL’S FAIR IN LOVE & SEDUCTION. Well, this morning when I tallied up the numbers, I was happy to discover I was at 251,547!  Needless to say, I’m thrilled and ready to […]

Free download update 16

It looks like I’m getting very very close to giving away that Kindle Fire. This morning I added up all the free downloads for ALL’S FAIR IN LOVE & SEDUCTION and as of today, they are currently at 232, 260. I said I would give away a Kindle Fire once they reached 250,000 so I’m […]

The new tally and what’s planned for 2012 39

So today I crunched the numbers on the free downloads of ALL’S FAIR IN LOVE & SEDUCTION, and so far as of 10-29-2011, I can tell you there have been 173,289 downloads from Amazon, B&N, iBookstore and Sony. My ultimate goal as I’ve stated in prior posts is 250,000–that’s also when I’ll celebrate by giving away […]

Giveaway – An iPad 2 – 2 more days 117

If you didn’t know, I’m giving away an iPad 2 on my website. Since I announced the drawing back in the summer, there have been only so many ways to enter to win. Today,  I’m opening it up so there’s now a third way to enter. I’ll start off my saying, before I’m a blogger, […]

How free is working for me! 24

On June 26th, my first self-published book (a novella), ALL’S FAIR IN LOVE & SEDUCTION went live on B&N and Amazon. I suffered all kinds of  nervousness about its release. Would readers buy it? Would they like it enough to read the prior two books in the series. More importantly, would their interest be peaked […]

A bit of this and that 27

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. I know I did. Now it’s full speed ahead to Christmas. I’m exhausted just thinking about it. My son has been bugging me to put up our tree since early November. He won’t be put off any longer. Sigh. So what’s up? Well, as of early this morning, […]

Weekly Update 17

I’m getting closer and closer to that 250,000 download goal  for ALL’S FAIR IN LOVE & SEDUCTION. As of this morning, free downloads between iBookstore and Amazon are 98,029, which means there are 151,971 more downloads to go before I raffle off the Kindle Fire. I’m hoping I can accomplish that goal in the first quarter of […]

Upcoming Giveaways and Today’s 52

Okay, I mentioned this yesterday, but today I’m going to expound on my new Kindle Fire Giveaway. But before I start, for those who don’t know what a Kindle Fire is, you can check out the short video below.