And the winners are… 6

The winners of Jennifer Ashley’s The Madness of Lord Ian Mackenzie are… Carol L. Armenia Lura Congratulations, ladies! Please email your contact information to me at historicals at historicalromancereleases dot com.

Review: Mistress By Mistake 10

Mistress By Mistake Author: Susan Gee Heino Publisher: Berkley Sensation Pub. Date: December 1, 2009 ISBN-13: 978-0425231517 Retail Price: $7.99 368 pages Viscount Randolph Dashford isn’t a bad person; he’s simply pretending to be one to avoid matrimony. Heiress Evaline Pinchley isn’t usually a sotted wanton; she’s merely celebrating her birthday. One full moon and […]

Review: To Sin With a Scoundrel 13

To Sin With a Scoundrel Author: Cara Elliott Publisher: Grand Central Pub. Date: February 23, 2010 ISBN-13: 978-0446541299 Retail Price: $6.99 384 pages A reclusive widow known for her scientific scholarship, Lady Ciara Sheffield is shadowed by rumors that she poisoned her husband . . . A rakehell rogue notorious for his devil-may-care antics, Lucas […]

And the winners are… 5

The winner of Cathy Maxwell’s THE MARRIAGE RING is… JM LANGE Congrats JM! Please email me your contact information at historicals at historicalromancereleases dot com. AND The winner of Miranda Neville’s THE WILD MARQUIS is… KAREN H. Congrats, Karen! Please email your mailing address to Miranda at miranda at mirandaneville dot com to receive your […]

Review: Promise Me Tonight 7

Promise Me Tonight Author: Sara Lindsey Publisher: NAL / Signet Pub. Date: February 2, 2010 ISBN-13: 978-0451229373 Retail Price: $6.99 320 pages Isabella is determined to marry James… Isabella Weston has loved James Sheffield for as long as she can remember. Her come-out ball seems the perfect chance to make him see her in a […]

Review: Knight of Glory 5

Most authors have thick skins because opinions are so subjective when it comes to their work. That said, I’d like to briefly explain how I tackle the dreaded DNF reviews I receive from the reviewers. If I can find another reviewer to read the book, I will have someone else have a go at it. […]

Best Historical of 2009 Giveaway! 56

As promised, today I’m giving away 3 copies of Jennifer Ashley’s, The Madness of Lord Ian Mackenzie, The Season’s 2009 Best Historical recipient. I have to say that I bought this book because of all the great buzz it was getting when it was released. I was a tad squeamish because the hero had been […]

Review: Lessons From a Scarlet Lady 7

Lessons From a Scarlet Lady Author: Emma Wildes Publisher: NAL / Signet Eclipse Pub. Date: January 5, 2010 ISBN-13: 978-0451228796 Retail Price: $6.99 336 pages The Duke of Rolthven’s new wife, Brianna, is the perfect aristocratic bride. So what would society say if they saw her with a copy of Lady Rothburg’s Advice–a courtesan’s lessons […]

When to cry ‘Uncle’ 16

I’ve adored many writers in my time. I’ve read and loved their books as they’ve taken me from the American West to the Regency ballrooms, and the medieval times through Georgian escapades. I would buy their books without bothering to read the back cover blurb because I trusted them. Trusted they would deliver a story […]

Miranda Neville ~ Writer Envy 50

If you’re a writer, you’ve experienced it at one time or another. If it was a disease, we’d all be wiped out by it. Thank goodness it only makes us human. Today please welcome Miranda Neville to the blog as she discusses the writers she most envies and celebrates the release of her sophomore book, […]