The Self-Publishing Survey Results – It’s a Brave New World 53

Where do I even begin. What started out as a simple post to dispel the notion that the only authors doing well self-publishing were making millions and/or getting high 6 figure or 7 figure book deals with traditional publishers, spawned a 24 question survey and an almost 30 page document. Seriously, Bev, don’t you have plenty of books to write? That’s me, kind of certifiable but in the don’t need padded walls kind of way.

Obviously, I’m not going to post nearly 30 pages of charts and statistics, right? Um, you would be wrong! LOL. I’ve embedded in the post. Feel free to download it and read the entirety of it at your leisure. I encourage you to comment and ask questions. I charted and included the stats I thought the majority of people would want to see. If perchance you think I missed something completely relevant, don’t hesitate to let me know.

While I did read the document over several times, please forgive any mistakes you may find. I didn’t have time to get it edited. ;)

P.S. The Reader Survey is still up. I would greatly appreciate if you’d share it with your readers. I know precisely the fans of which genre and sub-genres have taken it. 

Download (PDF, 913KB)