And the winner of the iPad Mini… and final post 26

Sigh. It’s the good news and bad news syndrome today. Good news: I announce the winner of the iPad mini. Bad news: It’s the final post.

What I will miss: the daily interaction I have with you and your enthusiasm for romance and the written word.

What I won’t miss: the work and countless days required to keep this site going.

Remember, sometime in February I’ll be setting up a blog on my personal website. Not sure how often I will post, but if you’re in the neighbourhood, please stop by and say hi. :)

Okay, now for the big moment.

The winner of the iPad Mini is…



Congratulations, Clara!!! You will receive an email with instructions of how to claim your prize and other stuff like an inscription should you like one.

Thank you everyone who participated. And a huge thanks to all the loyal followers of this blog for your months and years of patronage. Hopefully, I’ll be seeing you around this place we call cyberspace.