Two weeks to goodbye 46

It is with a heavy (but kinda of lighter workload) heart that I announce I will be retiring The Season website and blog at the end of this month. As you know, I’m a writer and the task of managing the site and the blog is just too much. I NEED to be getting out more books and unfortunately I can’t do both–and still have a life. Then next two weeks will just be a celebration of almost 4 years of books books and more books. I will leave the site up but nothing will be added to it. I will announce the winner of the iPad mini February 1st and that will be the last blog post.

Beyond that, I will go into author-mode. I will create a blog on my personal website that I will use to give away the odd book and prize, and keep my fans up-to-date on the progress of my books. I thoroughly enjoyed meeting all of you through The Season site and blog and enjoyed working with the publicists at all the publishing houses. I hope to still interact with my fans on my personal blog. :)