Giveaway: 25 Books, 5 Winners, 5 Books each 97

Yep, it’s that time. I have a LOT of books and I need to find loving, caring homes for them. I won’t even list them but about 75% of them can be found on the Stash pages. I just have to make sure I remove the ones that have already been snapped up. Forgive me if I don’t get them all. But I’ll send all the winners a list the remaining books they get to choose from. Of course those will be the most current books as I haven’t had time to put them up on the Stash pages yet.

There is a caveat to entering this giveaway. In order to do so you would have had to nominate a book for Best Book of 2012 in the post below and then of course you have to comment on this post. Please indicate your genre interest. That is also very important. 

Oh, Karen Ranney’s February release, THE LASS WORE BLACK is one of the books. :)

**US residents only

 P.S. Please don’t nominate your fave read on this post.