Best Book of 2012? 93

So 2012 is no more. I guess we can only smile that we all made it into 2013. Hopefully, we’ll read even better books than we did last year, right? Well, that’s always the hope. I did read some really really really good books last year.

Anyway, coming to the question of this post: What was your favourite romance novel 2012 read? The book that gets the most votes will get the pretigious (wink wink) of being crowned The Season’s Best of 2012. 

I’ll throw out the first recommendation and say that for me it was ON DUBLIN STREET by Samantha Young, edging out EASY by Tammara Webber by a sliver. The tiniest sliver. The book MUST have had it’s first release in 2012 and must be a romance. We’ll do something fun once the votes are all in. ;) Please include the title, author and genre.