Giveaway: OMG!!! 82


For the last week I’ve been wondering out loud (and on Facebook) what is going on in the iBookstore when it comes to my novella, ALL’S FAIR IN LOVE & SEDUCTION. That’s because it’s had a really really big surge in terms of free downloads. But you know, I wasn’t going to look at gift horse in the mouth. Whatever is going on out there, I’m humbly grateful.

Well something even better happened because (I believe) of that free download surge. What? My other books in the iBookstore started doing better. And today AN HEIR OF DECEPTION and ALL’S FAIR IN LOVE & SEDUCTION both hit #1 in their respective categories (paid, unpaid)!!!! And look, I have proof:

Now this is a big deal to me because the novella hasn’t been #1 since almost a year ago and AN HEIR hasn’t been #1 since back in May. This is an enormous and welcome surprise so we totally have to celebrate.

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