Book Club Discussion: What I Did For a Duke 30


I have been completely unabashed in my love for this book since I first read it last year. Completely unabashed. I’ve read it countless times since then and my appreciation for it hasn’t waned a bit.

Okay, enough of my gushing–and please don’t let that sway or influence your impression of the book–let’s discuss the book already. To get us started, I’ve listed some talking points below more as a guideline than anything else.

  • Opening scene of the book, did it suck you in or not?
  • What did you think of Alex’s way of exacting revenge against Ian Eversea?
  • Was there a twist in the plot you didn’t see coming?
  • Alex, what did you think of him as a hero?
  • Genevieve, what did you think of her?
  • Favourite scene in the book?
  • Funniest scene in the book?
  • Sexiest scene in the book?
  • A part in the book that drove you nuts?
  • Most heartwrenching scene in the book?
  • What’s your impression of Harry? Do you think he’ll get his own book?
  • At the end, whose story are you dying to read next?

I’ll go ahead and start by addressing two of my talking points. Hands down for me, my favourite and sexiest scene in the book is the scene when Genevieve is searching the house for Alex.  After an initial tour, she opens the door to her bedroom to go back out to look for him and he’s standing right there. In the ensuing exchange, Genevieve discovers Alex was watching her as she was searching for him.

“I see. It’s not because you darted to peer out into the garden. And then took a circuitous lap about the library while you were at it. And from there, toured the green parlor, and the gray parlor, though you didn’t take a peek behind the settee. And then all but bolted outside my chamber door and hovered an instant before stalking back to your own bedchamber. Nothing at all like that.”

With every sentence her temper increased ten degrees.

“You spied on me?” she hissed.

“I simply wondered what you were doing, dashing all over the house like that. Since you weren’t…looking…for me.” He was diabolically amused. “Perhaps you’d left something in one of the rooms? A book of some sort? Although I did wonder why…you called my name.”

Love, love, love this scene. I’ll be posting interesting comments as they come in throughout the day.

Okay, let the discussion begin. Three (3) commenters will each win 2 books a piece fromThe Stash“. Also, one of the winners will receive a digital copy of Julie Anne Long’s brand new release, A NOTORIOUS COUNTESS CONFESSES


What Readers Are Saying


I loved this book. A big reason for that is the characters. Harry isn’t a bad guy, he’s just the wrong guy. Genevieve is wonderful. She’s a good sister, daughter, and friend, but she’s so real. When she hurts, we hurt. Alex, though, is the scene stealer. His plan for revenge against Ian is just like how Alex is at the beginning of the book–straightforward, cold and exacting. But as his plan must change, so does he.

My favorite scene in the book, also the one I’d call the most heart wrenching, comes in Chapter 26. Shortly after the engagement is announced, Genevieve gets the painting and realizes how Harry has come to win Rosemont. And she knows she has to go to Alex.

The humor is great…Ian jumping at everything Alex does, the wordplay between Alex and Gen. It adds to the specialness of a very special book.

I am very interested in reading Ian’s story. He seems to have a lot to answer for!



Gosh, how I loved this book. I love Alex & Genevieve, but I’m going to start with the sexiest scene in the book. It had to be the first kiss, I swear I could feel it in my bones. Don’t we all want our first kiss to be like this, like Alex had previously described. “A Kiss to nearly destroy the memory of all other kisses, and become the benchmark against which all future kisses would be measured?” I think that is one of the best lines every written in a historical romance novel. Their chemistry jumped off the page in this scene. *sigh* So sexy and romantic.



I may not have been sucked in from the opening scene but Ian climbing out of the window naked is definitely entertaining. I was completely hooked by time Ian came face to face with the Duke with his missing boot in hand. I think Alex’s plan for revenge may have been harsh and I did not think that the punishment fit the crime as he had told Ian, because Genevieve was innocent and had nothing to do with the crime but it did make an excellent story in the end because I thought I had the book figured out from there. I was sure that Alex would follow through on his scheme for revenge and Genevieve would fall for him and then be devastated after she found out what his intentions were. So, I was pleasantly surprised when Genevieve called Alex out on his plot and decided to help him torment Ian. I liked both Alex and Genevieve, they were both strong characters and both were funny, witty, and mischievous. I loved the dialogue between them and was very happy that Genevieve was not a shy blushing miss and that she gave as good as she got in their verbal sparring.

My top five favorite scenes were; Ian climbing naked out the window, Ian coming face to face with the Duke with his missing boot in hand, when the flowers were delivered at breakfast and everyone was speculating on who had sent them, their first kiss (which also happens to be one of the sexiest moments of the book), the visit to Rosemont where Alex taunts Harry with the Titian painting and a visit to the greenhouse.

The funniest parts of the book was Alex and Genevieve’s’ verbal sparring, her pawning him off on the other ladies, and their tormenting Ian.

The top three sexiest moments were; the meeting in the garden after the visit to Rosemont, their first time making love, and the sex scene after her frantic search for him.

The most heart wrenching scene was learning about Alex’s wife and son.

The part that drove me crazy about this book was her continuing to be hung up on Henry even after her and Alex made love. I did not like Henry much at all; he was weak and petulant and scared. I hope if he does get his own book that he has learned his lesson and is honest and has more backbone! I don’t think I would actually be interested in a book about Henry unless he had changed…from the beginning though I wanted to know what happens to Ian.

I can’t wait to read Julie Anne Long’s newest book!!!



Alex was my hero! He was more mature and wiser. Alex has an eloquent way of speaking and he’s patient when it comes to getting what he wants. I loved how Genevieve made him feel young again. His revenge against Ian seemed fair enough, but even better was the fact Alex was present in his house and putting Ian on edge.

One of my favorite scenes is when Alex and Harry talk and Harry is miserable about losing Genvieve. I love Alex’s heartfelt musings and you can tell then and there he loves Genevieve beyond desperation. Yet, he’s willing to give her up. I didn’t really think he would, a plot twist I didn’t see coming, and I don’t believe he thought he would lose at his gamble.

My other favorite scene was the very end when Genevieve shows up at Rosemont. OMG! I still remember the goosebumps that broke out on my arms when she walked into the study all indignant anger at Alex for tempting fate and giving her up. It was marvelous! One of the most romantic finales, next to Pride and the Prejudice, I’ve ever read.

This was my favorite book of 2011. That finale sticks out in my mind even to this day and I’m constantly trying to convince my other romance reading buddies to read this book. Plus, this was my first Julie Anne Long book. I was amazed and delighted. I also haven’t missed a release yet. She’s an author I’m always willing to review for.



I enjoyed this book. I wanted to love it though.
I was very sucked in by the opening screen of this book. The way Alex acted and what he did to Ian and Abigail. Was fabulous. I thought oh this is going to be a great book…but it got slow for me. If it hadn’t gotten slow my 3* would of been a 4*.
I loved that the best lid plan can back fire on you. Alex didn’t know what he was getting into with Genevieve. I have to say I really loved the main characters. Alex and Genevieve.
I totally enjoyed Alex’s torment of Ian. It’s was fabulous to see how just a look could make him sweat.
Favorite twist: I guess that Genevieve saw through Alex’s walls he had built around himself and knew he was up to something. It was because she was far smarter then anyone gave her credit for.
I loved both Alex and Genevieve’s characters. They both were so different then people thought they were. What surprised me the most was how wrong Genevieve’s family was about her. They were both great.
Favorite scene: was when Genevieve realized that she loved Alex, what he did for Harry and that Alex loved her. The painting said it all.
Funniest scene: the swan and Millicent.
Sexiest scene: I agree with Beverly. I loved that scene.
What drove me nuts the most was how slow the book was for me.
The most heart wrenching scene was what Harry did to Genevieve in the beginning but even more was when I found out that it was part of his grand plan to woe her. I wanted to shoot him myself. So this also goes for liking him NOT!!! At this point I’m still angry with him so I don’t think he should find love right now so no book for him.
I’m looking for Millicent or Ian’s book. I liked Millicent’s character and Ian needs to find out what one might do for love.
I very much enjoyed being in the book club and I can’t wit for the next book. Thank you for allowing me to participate.