Love is a Romantic Comedy 29

by Madison James

I recently across an article about romantic comedy movies; which was interesting. I’m an avid lover of the genre; in fact I prefer romantic comedies above any other kind of movie. The article was basically saying that romantic comedies are stuck in a rut and it needs to break out of its cookie cutter formula with perfect Barbie and Kens living in shiny plastic worlds that have no relation to reality. It went onto to propose the solution of exploring modern relationships with all of its ups and down and messiness, flawed and all.

Honestly the first thing I thought was, this was written by a guy; it was. And secondly most of the romantic comedies that I have on my shelf did have very flawed characters, which struggled to relate to each other. I do agree that there is a formulaic plot, but I have no problem with that. Just like I have no problem with the contrived plots in romance books I read. I know that there will be no Oscars tossed around generally for the films and performances, but I’m okay with that. As long as I get a cute entertaining story and a happily ever after, I’m good. I do disagree with the article stating that the plots don’t have flawed characters, in fact that’s all I see these days in the ones that line my shelf.

What do you think? Do you think that that’s just a male bias or is there some validity to the argument? Is there a problem with romantic comedy movies or are they just fine the way they are? Comment and enter to win TEMPTED AGAIN by Cathie Linz and THE FIREMAN WHO LOVED ME by Jennifer Bernard.

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