As a Reader, Do you care about Flaws in Romance Books? 63

As many of you know, I write, work a full-time job and run The Season Blog and website. It leaves me little time for…well anything else.   For the last couple months I’ve been looking for someone to take over much of the day-to-day work of the blog and I’ve found that person in Madison James. She’s a reader first and foremost with no aspirations to write. She’s also completely fascinated with the romance publishing industry as a whole.  Please give her a warm welcome. I know you’re going to find her as interesting, fun and as intuitive as I do.

As always, I’ll be around, still supplying lots of books for the giveaways and popping in when I have interesting tidbits to tell. Speaking of giveaways, I’ll be holding a big one for Memorial Day. Grand Prize winner will win 25 books. Details to come…


Thanks for that warm welcome Bev.

Hello The Season Readers, Madison here, I know that I have some big shoes to fill but I know I’m up for the challenge. Okay, The Season Readers let’s jump right in shall we?

I’ve recently just bought my first tablet and I have been in absolute heaven devouring new romance books and old favorites. As I found on my recent quest, the digital market includes traditional published books and self-published books.  What I have found, which I’ve never noticed before in reading traditional hard cover books, is the glaring mistakes that are hard to look over. One book in particular was so bad that I rated it and in my review pointed out all of the mistakes, hoping the author would read the review and take some of my suggestions to heart and correct them.

As a result, I began to wonder if others are having the same experiences like mine, and if you are, does it bother you?   Comment to enter win Nora Roberts’  THE LAST BOYFRIEND: In Print (U.S Residents only) or Digital.