Labour Day Giveaway & Sampler 93

I don’t think you say Happy Labour Day do you? It just doesn’t seem to fit, right? So I’ll just say have a lovely Labour Day — rest and enjoy the fruit of your continued labour as we all walk, stroll, jog and run through this thing we call life. I know I’m enjoying this time off and I hope you are too. For those who are looking for jobs, believe you will find one–a good one–and you will.

So today I’m going to give away 10 (ten) books, one winner randomly selected using my ever trustworthy app from  In the meanwhile here’s an sampler from All’s Fair in Love & Seduction and the books up for grabs. So kick back and enjoy this day of rest. :)

Elizabeth broke the kiss with the inexorable press of her hands against his shoulders. Lord Creswell allowed her to push him away for it was the only way she could have managed it. For a moment he looked as if he was about to protest. He narrowed his gaze down at her.

Then slowly, as if fearing any sudden movement on his part would cause her to bolt, he caught her arm and lifted it  for his inspection. Elizabeth had no idea what he was looking for but permitted him to turn it gently in his hand. Her gown had small capped sleeves and her gloves came to her wrist so there was a length of pale flesh to peruse and to touch.

 “So soft,” he whispered, lazily stroking her forearm with his index finger. “Whoever thought something this slim and fragile in appearance would have so much strength,” he mused, his mouth twisted.

Not yet recovered from his kiss, Elizabeth’s arm trembled, her flesh tingling every place he touched.

He ran the back of his gloved hand along the now prickled skin of her bicep. “Do you play croquet, Miss Smith?”

She shook her head both in bemusement and response to the question.

“I will teach you soon. It would be a shame to waste this arm keeping me at bay.”

He smiled, a banked irony glinting in his beautiful eyes. Lifting her hand to his mouth, he watched her steadily as he placed a soft kiss on the vulnerable skin just above her glove. Her chest rose on a swift inhale of a startled breath. And then the heat swept in like an invading army making a mockery of all her good intentions

No sane person fell in love in the span of a single day. But she could feel herself taking a headlong plunge into some foreign emotion more heartfelt than a girlhood crush, leaving her vulnerable in a way she’d never been.

He released her with the same languid speed. He smiled but it wasn’t a smile that reassured a woman intent on retaining her virginity until she was securely wed.

“Shall we find Lord and Lady Windmere?” He proffered his arm, his expression cryptic, his manners exquisite.

As Elizabeth took his arm, she had the distinct feeling she’d just relinquished more of herself to him than just her hand.

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