How social are you? 31

I remember hearing the whole buzz about Twitter over a year ago and wondering to myself, “What on earth would I need something like that for?” I signed up nonetheless, because  I was assured that, as a writer, I did in fact need it. If you look in the official Writer’s Guidebook, I’m sure Twitter and Facebook  are listed under required accounts.

If left up to me, I would only have a Facebook account (and I do have a personal one in no way tied to my author Facebook account), which I use infrequently. No, I have Twitter and my author Facebook account purely to stay in contact with readers and visitors to my site and my blog. In this new day and age and the ever shifting electronic landscape, for new authors like myself, both are must-haves and I accept that. But every now and then I sit back and wonder, just how many readers, visitors, book enthusiasts do these platforms really reach. Do fans feel the need to follow their favourite authors? And if they do, what precisely are they getting out of this exchange–and is it even an exchange per se?

So my question for you today is do you have a Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon or another type of social media account? If so, do you follow, befriend or link up with authors, musicians, actors etc or do you limit that kind of interaction to friends? If you’re following authors and that lot, what do you get out of your interaction with them?