The Benefits of Pristine Herbal Touch Skin Tag Remover

pristineSo you’ve got a skin tag, or maybe tags. You’re probably not really happy with them and wish that they would just disappear. Maybe you have one on your neck or maybe in an awkward place like your armpit. You probably wish there was an easy way to get rid of them that didn’t involve you taking a scalpel to your skin. If you’re looking for a way to get rid of them you’re probably also looking for a permanent way to get right rid of them.

There are several options available in the world of skin tag removal. They involve cutting (this is where the scalpel comes in), threading, freezing or using a topical cream to rid you of them. Depending on your personal comfort zone, many people decide to go with a topical cream. It’s easy, you can usually buy the product in store or online at a site like Amazon, and you can do it in the comfort of your own home.

Of the skin tag removal creams out there, Pristine Herbal Touch® is one of the lesser known ones. This product is usually thought of as only a wart and mole remover but if you read the package close enough you can discover that it actually works on skin tags as well.

Pristine Herbal Touch® has some great benefits and we’ll list and discuss them here:


Pristine Herbal Touch® will run you around $70-80 US dollars depending on where you purchase it from. The home site for this product also indicates you can get your money back if you are not satisfied. As well, the package you receive comes with not only the ointment, but it also comes with an emery board, scratch sticks, cotton swabs, anti-bacterial solution, applicator sticks, the cream and a bottle for the cream. That’s a lot of stuff for that amount of money and it allows this product to be an all-in-one package deal. You won’t need to worry if you have the other products available in your house already because they come in the package.

Ease of Use

Since you can do this in your own home you don’t have to worry about shelling out the cost for a nurse or doctor to apply it for you. As well, it only needs one application where other creams require twice daily applications for several days, or weeks. While the one-time application isn’t instant, it still takes the worry about having to remember to constantly apply it to get the desired effect.

It’s Permanent

Hopefully you aren’t having second thoughts about removing your little skin tag because once you apply Pristine Herbal Touch® and the skin tag falls off, it is not coming back. The ointment is designed to go deep down to the root of the skin tag and attack it from within. By doing so, it allows the cells that caused the skin tag to grow to be exposed and destroyed so that they don’t come back. Of course, you may find yourself with another skin tag at some point in time, but it should never be in the same spot as a previous one.

Pristine Herbal Touch® is one of the nicer creams on the market. It is affordable, it is easy to use and it definitely plays for keeps. The benefits of Pristine Herbal Touch® outweigh any cons the product may have and the strong relationship between the company and their customers attests to that. People don’t stand behind products they don’t believe in and there are plenty of support for Pristine Herbal Touch®. Will you be one of them?

3 thoughts on “The Benefits of Pristine Herbal Touch Skin Tag Remover

  1. I do not mind applying this product on my tags twice or thrice a day just as long as it can get rid of my tags permanently. This option is still cheaper than trying to get service from a doctor.

  2. What I like about this product is the fact that it is herbal. Skin tags are already horrifying. Making use of products with harsh chemicals will only make things worse.

  3. Pristine is impressive. I have not tries it yet but all I hear about it are great comments. I will surely give it a try.

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