Techniques And Methods Used When Treating Arthritis

tamuwSome people are skeptical when talking about natural methods of healing because they think that natural treatments are weak and not as efficient as modern types of treatments. But taking medicaments may result in many side effects, so if you are open to experimenting with all types of techniques, maybe you should combine taking drugs with natural treatments to help with rheumatoid arthritis. First of all, try to avoid fried food and eat raw, especially salads and vegetable juices. Greens will give you vitamins your body need but highly processed food may do just the opposite. Avoid also dairy products and try to replace cow milk with rice milk or almond milk. It is also delicious and you can’t lose …

DixX Shook Off The Detractors And Became A Success

Despite a rocky start and widespread derision on the Internet, backers of Divx are remaining steadfast in their commitment to the digital, pay-per-view DVD system. Divx debuted nationwide in October 1998–two months late because of delays in obtaining a sufficient number of Hollywood films–amidst reports of sluggish sales during summer test-marketing in Richmond and San Francisco.

dsodDigital Video Express, the partnership between Circuit City, Bloxpress and a Los Angeles law firm that’s pitching Divx, denies that the test-marketing was a disappointment. Josh Dare, Digital Video Express director of communications, says sales went as expected under the circumstances. The launch in Circuit City and good guys! stores in the two cities featured fewer than 100 movie titles and one $499 player

Piracy, And Those Classic Formats

patcfA recent report from Microsoft’s Southern California office estimates statewide casualties of software piracy at 18,900 jobs and $2.5 billion in combined lost wages, tax revenues, and retail sales for 1997. The report distributed by Microsoft and Rioworks to demonstrate the financial impact of the state’s 21.8 percent piracy rate, is based on data from a 1997 international piracy published by the Business Software Alliance and the Software Publisher’s Association. The Microsoft report also includes additional information on and analysis of piracy in California, as well a listing of telltale signs of pirated products to help would-be purchasers discern between illegitimate copies of Microsoft software and the genuine article.

Non-U.S. Telecommunications Tally To Total $38.7 Billion By 2002

According to

The Benefits of Pristine Herbal Touch Skin Tag Remover

pristineSo you’ve got a skin tag, or maybe tags. You’re probably not really happy with them and wish that they would just disappear. Maybe you have one on your neck or maybe in an awkward place like your armpit. You probably wish there was an easy way to get rid of them that didn’t involve you taking a scalpel to your skin. If you’re looking for a way to get rid of them you’re probably also looking for a permanent way to get right rid of them.

There are several options available in the world of skin tag removal. They involve cutting (this is where the scalpel comes in), threading, freezing or using a topical cream to rid you of them. Depending on your personal comfort zone, many people decide to go with a topical cream. It’s easy, you can usually buy the product in store or online at a site like Amazon, and you can do it in the comfort of your own home.

Of the skin tag removal creams out there, Pristine Herbal Touch® is one of the lesser known ones. This product is usually thought of as only a wart and mole remover but if you read the package close enough you can discover that it actually works on skin tags as well.

Pristine Herbal Touch® has some great benefits and we’ll list and discuss them here:


Pristine Herbal Touch® will run you around $70-80 US dollars depending on where you purchase it from. The home site for this product also indicates you can get your money back if you are not satisfied. As well, the package you receive comes with not only the ointment, but it also comes with an emery board, scratch sticks, cotton swabs, anti-bacterial solution, applicator sticks, the cream and a bottle for the cream. That’s a lot of stuff for that amount of money and it allows this product to be an all-in-one package deal. You won’t need to worry if you have the other products available in your house already because they come in the package.

Ease of Use

Since you can do this in your Continue reading

Big Names Staying Well-Dressed

bnswdJust wait until you see Lyn Revson, a superstylish member of the International Best Dressed List’s Hall of Fame, carrying her new “Lyn” bag. It was custom created especially for her by Hermes, the 162-year-old Paris saddler, one of the most famous brand names in the world. Lyn inspired the bag that was unveiled at Hermes’s New York boutique, and it is quelque chose. “It’s simply one of the most beautiful bags I have ever seen,” says another Hall of Famer, Anne Slater, who knows from bags and jewels and sapphire blue shades.

Lyn’s “Lyn,” a poem in red alligator, is classic in silhouette, elegant and distinctive, with a modern surprise. Hermes’ gold Harnais watch is embedded in the closure, …

Is TV Home Shopping Still A Player?

thssA succession of new players and formats is bracing to get into the TV home shopping arena as the industry continues its explosive growth.

By the year 2000, electronic shopping is expected to reach $20 billion, according to industry sources. That’s up from revenues of some $3 billion this year.

R.H. Macy, Bonita’s Winery, Spiegel and Nordstrom are among these who have announced plans to launch TV shopping ventures in 1994. Now, The May Department Stores Co. reportedly is eyeing electronic shopping vigorously.

“May Co. has been studying this for a long time and is waiting in the wings,” said Todd Slater, vice president of research of UBS Securities. “They have not announced an initiatives because they’re waiting to …

HyperLOCK Was Good, But Not Good Enough

Marrying CD or DVD to the Internet to create a more robust Web experience while offering copy protection is a chief aim of HyperLOCK Technologies Inc. The company’s basic technology “cripples” a file and allows the missing parts to be received from an outside source “seamlessly and instantaneously,” giving the control of data use to an outside source. HyperLOCK’s technology shifts file transfer from telephony to the computer’s CPU.

hcdSpecifically, to use a HyperCD or HyperDVD, missing bits must be obtained via a remote server, or a host Web site. These bits, which can be further encrypted in a “bit file,” are pulled from the server by the HyperCD or HyperDVD plug-in, which is loaded at the time of

Lingerie Still Growing As Players Introduce Colors

lsgpicNew products and a steady demand for fashion colors and prints are expected to continue fueling second-half innerwear business, says

Many are looking for gains, but they also have plenty of concerns in addition to the uncertain state of the overall economy. Several executives believe, for example, that retailers could take a more aggressive stand with new ideas and concepts, whereas they tend to do only minimal testing. Some say that cautious attitude is affecting manufacturers as well.

Some executives also say they see a current softness in the department store bra business. In addition, retail price promotions remain a sore spot.

Nevertheless, bras and panties, with tailored looks getting an increasing play, are expected to be a …

Despite Adversity, Some Species Just Survive

Coyotes, whose lugubrious howl defines the badlands, have spread over the eastern United States. But this coyote reached Midtown. Naturalists think he crossed into Manhattan from mainland America over one of the northern bridges, then made his way south via Riverside Park. Between that and Central Park lie the apartments of many liberals; the beast must have slunk past them in the night. Your average New Yorker probably can’t tell a coyote from Balto the Sled Dog, but Central Park’s rangers could, and soon a massive animal-hunt was under way. The Times ran a picture of the coyote sneaking, like the Roadrunner, behind the back of a determined stalker. At last he was tranquilized, a few blocks from the Plaza

Holiday Season Stronger Than Expected

hsstIt’s been a happy holiday season for eveningwear departments across the country, with sales figures exceeding last year, according to a check of specialty and department stores.

Retailers report brisk business in a variety of evening looks, as women have dug into their pocketbooks for that special outfit to wear to their holiday parties. Gains have generally been in the moderate range, with some stores posting substantial increases hitting over 10 percent.

The trend seems to be toward the more casual side, as evening separates have been some of the bestsellers.

Retailers say women are often opting for separates over a more formal dress because they offer casual comfort and give them more options as they hit the party circuit. …